R & D Center

1. R & D team introduction

 Our company has been adhering to the vision that becomes one of the world's best modified material suppliers and provides users with the best materials solutions.The company sets up  R & D centers of the engineering and technology, specializing in wire and cable materials modification research. R & D technology center has owned professionals including twelve professional and technical personnels of equipments, of which are one doctor, one Master, ten persons with college education. Core R & D personnels have more than 15 years' experiences of R & D. In addition, Our company has also hired the China Institute of Modern Physics and Shanghai Institute of wire and cable experts and professors as technical advisers.

 Our company establishes the production and research basement in Shenzhen University. A large number of excellent graduate students come to our company as their practice basements, In addition,we work closely with the University to share the related resources to ensure the continuous development of new products.

 The company based on the combination of  independent innovation and  of R & D with more than 20 patents of  independent intellectual property rights, we have a series of high-tech products, the company R & D center as current high-tech enterprises of state leve. New materials development and studies of modified materials made remarkable achievements since the establishment of research center. In the past year, we have developed more than100 new products that  invention patent products in the market have obtained a good reputation and economic benefits.

2. R & D platform introduction

Our company has been the national high-tech enterprises since 2010, and the total investments of 8 million yuan are for the establishment and purchase of R & D center, improving research and developing equipment, and building a sound technical evaluation platform.


Part of the experimental equipment lists

l  Ultra-low temperature cable testing chamber 

l  Ultra - low temperature Plastic Embrittlement test


l  Melt Index Testing instrument

l  Volume resistivity measuring instrument     

l  Constant temperature and humidity test machine

l  Tensile testing machine                    

l  Dielectric strength test machine

l  Oxygen index instrument                   

l  Swing test machine

l  precise acceleration aging box             

l  Moisture instrument

l  Precision balance                         

l  Color spectrometer

l  UL ventilation aging test chamber           

l  Hardness measuring instrument

l  Thermal stability testing instrument

l  Benzene testing instrument         

l  ROHS testing instrument                  

l  Open mill machine

l  Automatic vulcanization molding machine    

l  Abbe refractometer

l  Needle-flame testing machine 








Part of the experimental equipment picture